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Christie Realty -- hawaii real estate

The Christie Realty Office in Eden Roc Estates.

Christie Realty of Eden Roc, Mt. View, Hawaii has been selling Big Island real estate for over 35 years. We specialize in affordable one acre lots in the Eden Roc Estates subdivision. I first came to Hawaii in 1979 in search of low priced real estate investment property. After researching all areas of the Big Island from Hilo to Kona to Volcano, I selected Eden Roc. There were three main reasons for this choice.

Location: Only 18 miles from Hilo at the elevation of 1,600 to 1,900 feet above sea level, Eden Roc has the appeal of a rural country place yet is within easy commuting distance of Hilo. This incredible playground which is the Big Island, where the beaches and mountains offer unlimited recreational opportunities is your backyard. The moderate climate with generous rainfall and sunshine is perfect for gardens and orchards. Cymbidium orchids, anthuriums, ginger and heliconias grow well as do banana, avocado, coffee, citrus and many other trees and plants.

Christie Realty -- hawaii real estate

Snow in Hawaii at 13,000 ft. on Mauna Kea.

Lifestyle: My goal was to leave the rat race and congestion of so much of the mainland. Here life can be slower, time can be taken to enjoy each day in this tropical paradise. On Hawaiian time we have the time to “smell the flowers” and act with aloha to friends, neighbors and strangers. Having lived and worked on a one acre Eden Roc lot for 30 years I can say without doubt I am “lucky to live Hawaii”.

Investment Potential: A check of real estate prices on Oahu, Maui, Kauai or Kona side of the Big Island where lots and homes are affordable only for the wealthy show us the future. To be able to buy an acre of good land in Hawaii for less than $20,000 seems too good to be true. Don't miss your opportunity.

In 1980 Christie Realty undertook a major construction project in Eden Roc. The object was to build 7 small homes, each on an acre of land. The homes were to be built in the old sugar cane house style using single wall construction and building the places up on seven foot posts. The first place, a 16'X 20'cedar home was completed in late 1980 and today is the office of Christie Realty. The next four places were completed the following year on four adjacent acres across the street from the first. Construction on # 6 and # 7 didn't begin until 1987. They were larger in size 16'X 30'and were completed in 1988 on side by side Eden Roc lots. All the homes have propane hot water, refrigeration and stoves. All of the homes have catchment water. The homes are long term rentals, occupied mostly by people who work in the Hilo area.

Christie Realty -- hawaii real estate Christie Realty -- hawaii real estate Christie Realty -- hawaii real estate

One of the seven homes built by Christie Realty in Eden Roc Estates in Hawaii.

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